Count You In

Seriously co-create
silly or serious tracks
with, or for, people you love.
(guided by production pros)

Take a listen!

Rad studio experience

Does your little love to sing? Would it be exciting for them to don some headphones and belt it out with a real microphone? Maybe they can strum a few chords and want to feel like they're part of a rock band? We can make these dreams come true!

Why record a cover when you can create something new? Create an original track and let them be the star!

Our full-service track creation process places you in center of the creative process while being supported by an experienced production professional to co-create with you! Just like the best studio artists, you shape the song and we refine the final track.

Girl in studio with headphones.

Thoughtful personalized gifts

Woman enjoying music on a tablet.

Who in your life would appreciate an entirely original and personalized gift? What do you appreciate about them that is unique or special? These stories are the foundations of meaninful songs.

Create an original track to share with someone you love. Or, better yet, create the track with the person you love!

It goes a little something like this:

Discovery Interview

Get together in-person or virtually to brainstorm concepts that sound interesting to you. We will discuss stuff like:

  • Motivations or goals for the track
  • Music or sounds you like
  • Topics that matter to you
  • Story sketches
  • Tempo
Sketch Development

We sketch a few story and song concepts based on our notes from the Discovery Interview (Step 1).

We want to find a couple of different approaches to help guide our efforts.

You can contribute to the creative process, if you'd like!

Concept Demos

We present the draft story and song concepts to see where you are excited and where we need more work.

It might take a few drafts before we all feel really good about the direction of the song. So, we might repeat the Sketch > Demo steps a few times.

Primary Recording

Once we agree to the direction and song, you can start preparing to record your part!

We might give you some music to practice. Other times you feel inspired to create your own melody or words that we build around.

The first round of recording is to get the "big pieces" so we can figure out what else the song needs.

You can choose where you feel most comfortable recording: at home, at the Count You In home studio, or at Conway Sound in Westminster, CO (for an additional fee).

Serious Production

This is when we're mixing the track and starting to refine the sound. Our professional production ears are seeking precision when managing supporting sounds and transitions.

Often, we'll find that the track will really pop with some additional recording once we get the big pieces in place.


You did it!

It can take a while to get to a finished track that you love. But, we promise it's worth the wait.

When the final track is ready, we'll meet up again for the reveal and play it loud and proud.

An original track can be completed within a month for as little as $1500.

Meet your primetime pro

Josh Little is a highly-skilled producer who you want to be around.

Josh came from a musical family, but did not pursue music until adulthood. He developed strengths on vocals, keys, and guitar. Sometimes he dabbles in rhythm. He is experienced as both a performer and producer, having played solo and group gigs around Denver.

He is professionally trained in music production, which allows him to build connection through original music, wordplay, collaboration, and expression.

Josh is also a warm, developmentally-minded human who has encouraged and supported others throughout his life:

  • Masters Degree in Counseling
  • Mentor at Kids Hope for 20 years
  • MS/HS Basketball Coach
  • Camp Counselor
  • Driver Education Instructor
Josh Little and Aariyah
Josh and Aariyah in the studio while recording New Tomorrow